03 July 2010

Anon a nude...

There is something about anonymity in nude photography that is very appealing. Without over the top posturing or posing, that aspect of a photography can be very intriguing to me. I remember going to see Stanley Kubrick's film "Eyes Wide Shut" and being fascinated by the absurdity of conducting a racy intimate conversation from behind the relative safety of a mask. There was something very erotic about it. I shot this image in my studio with a beautiful model who didn't need her face hidden one way or the other. I just happened to have had the mask we shot with for quite a while but never got around to using it until I shot with her.

Sometimes I love it when the anonymity is playful like it was when I shot with Los Angeles model and actress NNEKA whom I met through Model Mayhem. This was actually the only shot we got that worked that idea perfectly.

Fabrics, which I employ on a lot of my shoots, sometimes provides the element of anonymity as was the case in this image I shot with ELIZABETH in my studio. I love how her body is outlined against both the fabric and the background. The effect fixes the focus of the image on her lovely figure. This was an interesting shoot for reasons I might explain at some future date.

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